Èze – A hidden gem on the French riviera

View from the very top

Situated around 427m above sea level, Èze is a tiny french village halfway between Nice and Monaco and makes for a fantastic mini break away from the glitz and glam of the French riviera.

Eze haunting ruins

If you have half a day on your schedule of vising the riviera and your base is anywhere between Monaco and Nice then Èze is definitely a ‘nice’ (no puns intended) getaway on the cheap(very very cheap 😉 )

Èze estd. to be around since 2000 BC,  it has gone through a lot in it’s history as it has been occupied by the Romans, the Moors, the Turks, the Spanish and finally the French. Now, why would so many empires be interested in such a small harmless village? it’s because the location of Èze makes it a natural fort providing uninterrupted views over the Mediterranean sea.

Eze garden

The main attraction of Èze is the view from the garden(Entry 4-6€) on the top of the hill. The village is made up of 2 parts : Èze-sur-Mer (along the sea) and Èze – village on the hill.

Church of Mary

On the way to the top is a medieval church dedicated to Mother Mary built in the 18th century. It does not have the most exciting architecture from outside although its worth a visit for the interiors(designed in baroque style). You will also find an Egyptian cross, dating to times before Christ.

Eze Souvenir shops

The trek to the top is not very tough but do wear walking/running shoes, high heels wont cut it here. Summers are very hot so dress accordingly.

There are plenty of small souvenir shops along the way to the top but I would not recommend buying anything from there, mostly overpriced and not worth the hassle.

eze cute souvenir shop


This trip can be done year round as the riviera receives over 300 days of sunshine and almost no rain. The best time to travel would be the shoulder season from April to early June and mid September to end October. Summers can get very hot and the sun will be scorching down along with a plethora of tourists.

Eze Stairway to heaven

So if you remember when I wrote how cheap it is? I will provide the breakdown for the other thrifts like me  😉

Important Info:

Bus no. 82 direction Èze from Vauban bus depot in Nice. Descend at the stop named ‘Èze Village’. These buses don’t have electronic location indicators inside but you don’t have to worry, just look out for the stop where 90% of the other tourists descend and follow them all the way to the top but keep safe distance so as to not end up looking like a stalker 😛 .

Download Bus 82 schedule

Time : 30 mins each way by bus.
2-4 hrs at the village including the hike up and down.
Transportation and entry fees: Travel costs: (2016 prices) 1.5€ each way by bus. Costs the same as the usual bus/tram ticket in Nice. You can also use the 10 journey ticket or the daily/weekly passes if you have already bought them before.
Entry fee to the garden: 4-6€ depending on the season. I visited in February (off season) and paid 4€.
Food:There is a Casino mini supermarket opposite the bus stop (Èze village). You can buy packed sandwiches, Italian Focaccia (fresh) for under 4€ + a coke under 1€.The prices are slightly more than the normal Casino stores in Nice or Monaco. If you want to have a full meal there are restaurants nearby but the better restaurants are along the sea(Èze-sur-mer), for which you have to descend a lot and it is not advisable if you don’t have a car.
Total Cost of the trip: 12-14€.Now that is incredible value in one of the most expensive regions in the world and totally worth the time.

Tip: Pack your own lunch and have a picnic at the spot to save money and have more fun.

Until next time Happy Travels! Au Revoir.



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